Derek Adams :

Poetry readings and poetry writing workshops


phone: 07985 617559


Available for poetry performances from 10 minutes to 40 minutes
performed at :
The Poetry Cafe Covent Garden. The Troubadour Earls Court. Cabaret Voltaire Colchester. Enfield Poets The Essex Poetry Festival. The Leigh Folk Festival. Nottingham Poetry Society. The Palace Theatre (Westcliff). Southend Library. The Southend Poetry Group. Club Riga, Westcliff. Sundown (Southend). Waterstones (Southend). St Benets Church, Blackfriars EC4. Colchester Arts Centre. Shakespeare and Company, Paris. Oxfam Poetry Series (Marylebone High St). poetrywivenhoe. Rayleigh Arts Festival. Derwent Poetry Festival. Lumen Poetry Series. Camden Poetry Series. Ride the Word. I Scream Sunday. Howl, Poets off the Shelf, More Poerty, Ware Poets, Poetry Aloud, Sudbury Poets, Dada Invasion London.

Experience poetry writing workshop facilitator
Poetry writing workshops provided for :
Farleys House and Gallery,
The Lettering Arts Trust,
The Gibberd Garden (Harlow), OU Poets, Poetry Wivenhoe, Essex Book Festival, Poetry Aloud (Bury St Edmunds),  Festival of Suffolk Poetry, Ely Folk Festival, Essex Poetry Festival, London South Bank University, The Southend Poetry Group.


Poetry writing workshops offered (1 hour to whole day 6 hrs inc break for lunch )

Using Cinematic Techniques to improve your Poetry (semi darkened room with screen / plain wall for projection useful.  Available as 2.5/3 hours or 6 hour)
We will study scenes from movies and discuss the techniques used by the film makers and see how we can use some of them to write our own poems.

"Personal thanks to Derek, who made me try cinematic techniques in writing which  I hadn't thought of before. Having spent several decades of my life without a television, I thought my woeful ignorance of film might be a handicap, but Derek's talk was so well illustrated that it wasn't a problem." Florence Cox, Chair of Suffolk Poetry Society.
"I really enjoyed your workshop - the best I have attended!  Because you combined the visual with the verbal and used such well-chosen examples, I felt it offered a new away in to writing poetry which chimed with me as I also work in a visual medium." Sara Impey.

Introduction to using Cinematic Techniques to improve your Poetry (semi darkened room with screen / plain wall for projection useful. 1.5 hours)
We will study scenes from movies and discuss the techniques used by the film makers and see how we can use some of them to write our own poems. Looks at different techniques to the above.

Ekphrasis: writing Poetry beyond Art.   (this workshop can be made site specific to suit exhibitions, sculpture gardens, or public art in a town) Available as 2.5/3 hours or 6 hour.
The frame of a painting can be the window to another world, step through it with me to explore how you can use art works as a springboard for your own writing. We will use exercises to make your poetry interpret, inhabit and confront a work of art.

"Thank you for an enthralling, engaging and memorable day of learning, listening, reading and writing poetry. The whole day was brilliantly planned and organised with clear objectives and guidance at each stage. The ‘handouts’ were well composed, relevant and much appreciated.
The choice of poems and Art works were both fascinating and edifying and I thoroughly enjoyed the snatches of humour."  Sue Foster
"I found the workshop day really enjoyable, in spite of being very apprehensive beforehand and surprised myself by actually managing to respond to the exercises on the day(I'm usually hopeless at producing something to order) so I would like to express my thanks for making it such a relaxed and pleasant experience." Irene James
"Just back from an excellent poetry workshop run by Derek Adams at Gibberd Gardens in Harlow, under Derek's inspired guidance I started two or three promising poems based on sculptures in the gardens." Michael Bartholomew-Biggs, poetry editor of London Grip
"Your exercises were just what were needed to get our creative juices flowing, and the whole day was a delight." Diane Jones

Surrealist Poetry workshop (
Available as 2.5/3 hours or 6 hour)
Do you desire to embrace the surreal? Does your poetry feel a little stale?
Whether you are new to writing poetry or an experienced poet, join us for a fun day that will help release the imagination of your subconscious and thereby revitalise your writing.
This one-day workshop will introduce you to a variety of techniques and strategies useful when writing poems inspired by surrealism.

"It was great fun playing the Surrealist games - and astounding how good some of the results were given the randomness (is that a word?!) of their creation." Hannah Rogers

Beginning with a line from...
a look at collaborative writing techniques, and using another writers words to kick start your own creativeness. Useful technique to get you past the dreaded writers block!
"I've never been to a poetry work shop before so didn't know what to expect. Found it very inspiring. The exercises encouraging experimentation were very good, Thank you." Irene Apps

Using Myths and Fairy Tale in your poems
We will look at how poets reinvent the universal stories of myth, legend and fairy tale. Using exercises and prompts to  write your own poem exploring these themes.

From Medussa to Myra Hindley, from Frankenstein's creature to Josef Fritzl, Monsters real and imaginary haunt us personally and as a society.

Using exercises and prompts to  write your own poem exploring these themes.

For Weddings and a Funeral.
If you are a poet then you have probably been asked to write a poem for a wedding, christening or funeral. This workshop looks at ways to make a poem special for those involved but also accessible and interesting to other people at the event without resorting to doggerel.

Poetry at Work
This workshop explores how poets have used their experience of work in their writing and will inspire you to write a poem based on your own experience.

The Beauty of Haiku
A short introduction to this small but beautiful Japanese poetry form.

The Beauty of the Sonnet
A short introduction to this small but beautiful poetry form.

Introduction to Writing Poetry
A short introduction to poetry and poetry writing, suitable for those that have never written a poem before!

Presentations on poetry designed for Bookgroups (1 hour)

30 minute presentation of poems by myself and other poets, with comments on poetic conventions (rhyme, form, free verse), followed by 30 minutes Q&A.
Choose from the following subjects:
Rivers and canals.