Postcards to Olympus
Poetry Monthly Press, 2004, ISBN 1-905126-05-0
28 pages
, cardcover.

Winner of the 2004 Poetry Monthly Booklet Competition.

Best Individual Collection,
Purple Patch Small Press Best Of 2005 Lists.

"An apt subtitle would be Poems Ancient & Modern as each one shares both categories in a way. Greek mythology is not my scene but I was so impressed with the concept and skillful execution of these poems that this collection had to be the winner of the 2004 Poetry Monthly Booklet Competition."
Geoff Stevens, adjudicator and editor of Purple Patch.

"This is a work of power, originality and individuality...
Adams' is a mature poet secure in his strengths and interests."
Patricia Prime, New Hope International Review On-line.
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"...while the jumping off point may be classical, Adams' voice and themes are absolutley contemporary, and he manages to pull it off without any of the usual akwardness or 'clunkiness' normally associated with such exercises. Perhaps it is his sense of humour/wonder and refusal to take himself too seriously - or perhaps it's his deft touch and the skillfulness of his execution... Postcards is a delightful confection, and leaves one looking forward to more work from this excellent poet."
JeanPaul Jenack, Spindrifter: The Island Literary Journal (USA)

"The coherence of theme (it is a concept album of a book) and the consistence of the author's ironic voice throughout mark this as an outstanding debut collection"
Adrian Green, Littoral.

"...elegant, spare poems that suggest all-too-human origins for familiar myths and comment gracefully, and with humour, on human fallibility... Adams' precisely organised free-verse poems offer expansive conversations with the contemporary. The idea of metamorphosis is central to these poems, and transformations are accomplished with an economy of language that focuses image as cleanly and crisply as a camera lens, allowing the present to float easily on the past."
Tia Ballantine, Sphinx.

"...a well-constructed pamphlet"
Emma Lee - The Journal

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Orpheus - Helen washes up - Midas - Minotaur - Tethys - Ganymedes - Ariadne on Naxos - Achilleus - Atlas - Icarus - Hector - The Gorgon - Oedipus - Orpheus in New York - Polyphemos - Ariadne - Perseus - Icarus in the 21st Century - Nemesis - Aegeus - Ariadne and Dionysus - Patroclus - Galatea - Odysseus -Medusa - Hermes - Orpheus in L.A.

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