Lifemarks: Poetry about the Big Events of Life
published by Cub 2007,

Britain’s finest poets write about the great events of our lives. A birthday, a bereavement, a love affair or sunset; Ian Duhig, Julia Copus, Paul Farley and others mark these moments in a remarkable and life-affirming anthology.
 ‘a heartening and heartfelt collection’ Andrew Motion. 
Proceeds go entirely to the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

All poems have been freely donated and the proceeds go entirely to the Motor Neurone Disease Association. This beautiful book published by Cub is £6.99, which means a donation of £6.99 for each copy you buy – and a fine book for yourself or a fellow poetry lover.

Poems by :
Derek Adams, Andrew Bailey, Jo Bell, Charles Bennett,
Julie Boden, Mandy Coe, Gladys Mary Coles, Julia Copus,

Jane Draycott, Ian Duhig, Paul Farley, Leah Fritz,
Anne-Marie Fyfe, Katherine Gallagher, Arthur Gardner,
Rosie Garner, Roz Goddard, Cathy Grindrod, A F Harrold, Matthew Hollis, Chris Jones, John Lindley, Allison McVety,
Esther Morgan, Ruth O’Callaghan, Harry Owen, Pascal Petit, Diana Pooley, Pauline Rowe, Andrew Rudd, Sibyl Ruth,
Catherine Smith, Todd Swift, Colin Watts, Joy Winkler,
Peter Wyton.

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lifemarks book cover