Everyday Objects, Chance Remarks
Littoral Press, 2005, ISBN 09541844-7-5
60 pages, Perfect Bound.  £8.99 inc p&p.

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"There is an edgy, world-hardened tone to many of these poems... a tone that adds authority and authenticy to the writing.
...I like the economy and apparent ease with which he constructs these poems. There is a sureness and craft to them...
Overall, this is a satisfying collection that will reward the reader."

Frank Dullaghan, Seam.

"A back catalogue of Derek's progress towards the excellent poet he is today... His What a Waste, dedicated to Ian Dury is brilliant"
Geoff Stevens, Purple Patch.

"all poems should gel for the reader; some have an alluring twist of meaning at the end; some dissolve to present another perspective at the end; others emphasize by repetition."
Eric Ratcliffe NHI Review

"Derek has a huge simmering explosion of images and ideas to draw from, and it shows in each poem" Jamie Spracklen, Visionary Tongue.

"Derek Adams has a lyrical ability while keeping images very much in the forefront of the mind. His experience is transmuted into the real stuff of poetry."
Robert Cole, Poetry Editor Chimera.

"Through Gauloises smoke, amid the buzz of a chainsaw dismembering memories of past (perhaps tattoo-bruised) love, the poems in this collection trace tectonic shifts beneath the surface. These True Life Confessions surgically deploy images you won't soon forget. Derek Adams writes good poems whose themes seem torn from the pages of a 50s pulp novel. This is writing that is entertaining, provocative, sometimes shocking, and often lurid as hell."
Todd Swift, Poetry Editor Nth Position.com

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Turning Point
Soft like fire
Cut up
Your absence is a wound
Free Words
Tobruk 21st June 1942
Sonnet written in a City Cemetery
The last house
Summer Storm
True Life Confessions
And still the word hung in mid air
The Poster
Some change please
Deep end
On the rocks
Something in her eyes
The road to Tiananmen Square
Shock, horror, probe
Eclipsed again
Moon shadow
Cornish Giants
Once upon a Witching Time
Gross Indecencies
Freezing point
Measuring the volume of an elephant
The flower garden
What a waste
Putting the books straight
The Apple
6.55 a.m. Rayleigh Station.
Autumn leaves me cold
Artificial flavourings
Running on air
Remember, remember…

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