Derek Adams :

Poetry readings and poetry writing workshops


phone: 07985 617559


Available for poetry performances from 10 minutes to 60 minutes


Poetry writing workshops offered (1 to 2 hours)

Poetry at Work
poet Derek Adams will lead you through some poems that explore how poets have used their experience of work in their writing and inspire you to write a poem based on your own experience.

Cinematic Techniques in Poetry (digital projector/screen required)
We will study scenes from movies Blue Velvet, and Notting Hill. We will discuss the techniques used by the film makers and use exercises to see how we can use some of them to write our own poems.

Using Myths and Fairy Tale in your poems
We will look at how poets reinvent the universal stories of myth, legend and fairy tale. Using exercises to try and write your own poem exploring these themes.

Presentations on poetry designed for Bookgroups (1 hour)

30 minute presentation of poems by myself and other poets, with comments on poetic conventions (rhyme, free verse), followed by 30 minutes Q&A.
Choose from the following subjects:
Rivers and canals.